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Publicado el marzo 2nd, 2011 | por admin

National Youth Exchanges: a possible first step for international exchanges.

Published in Sheryica, the online platform for European youth information workers.

Last weekend (25-28 February) the Youth Reporters* of Purchena Youth Information Centre ( received the visit of youngsters from Guia de Isora (Tenerife, Canary Islands). Some of the Youngsters from Purchena have great experience in international projects (exchanges, youth initiatives) and the Canaries youngsters have great interest to participate in this kind of projects. Thanks to Eurodesk network (Purchena and Guia de Isora are Qualified Multipliers in the net) we can put them in contact. During the exchange (funded by the Andalusian Youth Institute and the town councils of Purchena and Guia de Isora), the young reporters talked about their positive experiences in international projects and encouring to the youngsters from isora to participate in future European acvtivities. Even they want to collaborate to organize together a project. All the participants attends to a talk about European Networks (Eurodesk, Eryica) and Youth in Action Programme. Israel Rubio, member of the staff of Eurodesk in INJUVE was the person in charge of the talk. That’s one small first step for youngsters, but one giant leap for international youth exchanges. Pictures and more information:

*Youth Reporters: In Andalucía, is a young volunteer who collaborates with a youth information office to disseminate and to collect information, peer to peer. As you know generally, young people are more trusting and comfortable with their peers when inform about all kind of subjects, mainly of sensitive issues like sexuality or drugs. We have 20 youth reporters in our centre working hard and very good the whole year. Indispensable to us.

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