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Lastminute EVS vacancy in Spain for Polish volunteer!!

Lastminute EVS vacancy in Spain for Polish volunteer!!
Purchena Youth Information Office is URGENTLY looking for one Polish volunteer to participate in a EVS project in Purchena during 6 months.
These are the details of the project:
Name of the project: Rural Youth+
Organization: Purchena Youth Information Office.
-Period: 10-01-2019 / 30-06-2019
-Deadline: As soon as possible!!!
• Capable to adapt to a rural area and to live in a small town.
• Good level of English.
• Interest in teaching languages.
• Knowledge of Spanish is welcome.
• VERY IMPORTANT: We are looking for volunteers, not only to help us to support the Youth Information Office to spread information peer to peer or through internet and social networks or to help to develop youth activities, but we want volunteers who can carry out his/her own workshops and activities.
• Interest and possibilities to carry out his/her different kind of workshops (music, dance, sports, theatre, computers, yoga, zumba, chess…) aimed at different sectors of population, mainly children and youngsters but also adults, elder people…
• Good knowledge of new technologies to support the Youth Information Office to spread information through internet and social networks.
-Support and collaboration with the youth staff in activities to carry out the revitalization of the Youth Information Centre. May include some weekend service in specific activities.
-Help and collaboration with youngsters in the preparation of international youth projects, especially the issue of teaching English language and the promotion of the Erasmus+ program (special attention to EVS).
– Collaboration and cooperation in cultural, social and sports activities that are related to rural development and with other organizations (Kindergarden, Schools, associations…).
To complete the timetable the volunteer will participate in programs of night leisure and possible activities of weekend.
Please send us your Europass and your motivation letter to
We have the sending organization in Poland. Contact to Kasia:
More info about our centre:

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